Going Paperless Can Make Your Work Orders More Efficient

Going Paperless Can Make Your Work Orders More Efficient

Published on: 29-07-2015 | by Misty in paperless, mobile forms, smart forms, mobile workforce, electronic forms

Most businesses, especially those in the service industry, rely on work orders to get things done. Work orders require more time and effort when done the old fashioned way – with paper documents. You will experience work order problems from the onset – upon assignment until the work order is completed. Surely there must be a better way to deal with work orders day in and day out. Going paperless is the answer to your problems.

Accuracy in Mobile

When you access work orders using mobile forms, you’re guaranteed accuracy and speed, the likes of which you never would experience with paper forms. Paper work orders, slow as they are, can become bottlenecks in your business. Therefore, it makes more sense to invest in a paperless app that uses smart forms for creating work orders.

Imagine how wonderful it would be to receive and update work orders in real time – perfect for invoicing. Once the work order is completed, everything is in the cloud for easy access later. Going paperless means accuracy as your mobile workforce enters the right data in paperless forms that are uploaded to the cloud each and every time.

Assign Work Orders to the Right People

You can assign work orders using electronic forms in the cloud and make sure that they are sent out to the right people. Review each work order before sending them out to your mobile workforce to ensure security and safety for your data.

Before, with paper forms, wires can get crossed and work orders can fall in the wrong hands, thus causing further delay in your workflow. Today, with smart forms that are easy to use, you can review and then assign work orders to the right people and follow their progress from start to finish.

Going paperless means you can skip all the delays that used to come with paper work orders. This means faster assignment, processing, submission, and reporting. Aside from speed, there is also the guarantee of more accurate data collection. Plus, it is also possible to augment data collected with photos, drawings, on-screen signatures and other images from the field uploaded directly to the cloud along with the work order using our amazing paperless app. Formitize lets you collect the necessary information and be more creative with it.

Combine these features with the Formitize People & Asset Scheduler and discover more ways to enhance your work orders with Formitize. Increase efficiency all around and improve productivity across your organization with paperless work orders. Find out how. Take the tour today!

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