How Labour Hire App Helps You Deal with the Costs of Poor Recruitment

How Labour Hire App Helps You Deal with the Costs of Poor Recruitment

Published on: 17-10-2014 | by Misty in Labour Hire App, Labour Hire, digital forms, mobile workforce

According to research, average Australian companies lose a whopping $337,000 a year because of job defections. This problem, a direct result of poor recruitment methods, is the reason why many employers are having problems keeping their employees on track.

Have you ever regretted recruiting any of your employees? Do you sometimes wish they had never walked into your office, bumped into your recruitment advert, or had never heard about your company. Thinking about it, you can’t just blame yourself for what had resulted. The least you can do for now is to charge it up to experience. But, if you haven’t been there, better learn from someone else’s experience and improve recruitment strategies for your organization.

Here are the things that will happen to you if you do not improve recruitment methods:

  1. You lose a significant portion of your company’s budget.
    The budget for recruiting a single person includes job posting fees, training fees, basic salary, and other inclusions of your company. Sum up all these fees invested on the wrong employee and you get negative digits. Continuous poor recruitment may critically put your company down.
  2. You double your time and energy for turnover.
    Once you finally release the wrong person, you spend another set of resources for the turnover. You have to give time again to interview, train, and orient the new employee of the company policies and whatnot. Think about it, if you recruited the right person in the first place, you could’ve used this time to produce more results for your business.
  3. Your employees become affected.
    You’re not the only one to suffer from poor labour hire choices. Your management team and other staff who have to deal with the employee will endure some hardships too. Bad hires will result to slow productivity for the good employees. It can also provoke negative attitudes in the office, adding more problems for you to deal with.
  4. Confidence will drop among the team.
    Those involved in the hiring process, managers who are responsible for the person’s training, and those who are involved in the projects made with the errant hire are all prone to losing confidence and morale. They will blame themselves for such issue and feel guilty when terminating the employee. This can seriously affect overall productivity and is bad news for your business.

Take your company far from job defection. Establish good scientific recruitment methods through good labour hire companies. There are also other ways for you to deal with this problem. Hiring the right people is just the first step in ensuring success in your company. The next step is to nurture your existing employees so they can deliver what is required of them and sometimes even go the extra mile for you.

Imagine... Your Peace of Mind Guaranteed!

Imagine how easy it would be for you if you had a way to not only hire the right people, but also monitor their performance once they become part of your organization. Now that’s peace of mind that you simply couldn’t buy anywhere, until now. The digital forms that come with our Labour Hire App can do this and so much more. You can assign new jobs and track them from start to finish – this is the best way for you to know how well your mobile workforce is doing their jobs right.

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