How Recruitment App Keeps Better Track of Your Mobile Workforce Performance

How Recruitment App Keeps Better Track of Your Mobile Workforce Performance

Published on: 01-10-2013 | by Adam in recruitment app, labour hire solutions, labour hire app, labour hire software, recruitment solutions, app for recruitments

Today, labour hire and recruitment agencies face the constant challenge of streamlining their internal operations as efficiently as possible. This can prove to be more difficult if you have hundreds of your workforce dispersed on the field. However, with the existence of more sophisticated labour hire solutions and app for recruitments, it is now very possible to keep accurate track of employee performance even those doing field work.

Recruitment App Tracks Personnel Performance

With the help of Formitize labour hire app, you can now improve workflow and employee management in your businesses. This recruitment app lets you do performance checks even from miles away with its real time tracking feature. With the aid of our forms tailor-built for the labour hire industry (such as Log Books and Time Sheets); you will know what your people are doing even from miles away in your mobile device.

Labour hire software now makes it easier for business managers to delegate jobs to employees along with specific tasks, as well as being able to monitor their progress. But, aside from this, you can also provide solutions to issues that arise on-site even from afar. The Safety & Follow-Up, Safety Notification, and Safety Communication are a few features that enable you to help solve problems faced by your mobile workforce without you leaving your office. Formitize labour hire app provides solutions to foreseeable roadblocks early on to keep performance running smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

Labour Hire App Improves Efficiency

Formitize provides labour hire and recruitment solutions efficiently by giving your senior business manager a more efficient data entry system. This recruitment app eliminates the need of middle men management since it gives you access to individual worker sheets so you will always know what is happening to your company. The Job Dispatcher feature allows you to delegate pre-filled forms to your workforce that you can customise according to your needs with specific tasks and assignments. The Management Portal allows you to keep track of progress report inputs from your employees. This efficient tracking system is even enhanced with the integration of features such as camera integration, voice recording, and GPS positioning.

With its sophisticated tracking features, Formitize Recruitment App offers you a tool that will give you the necessary metrics to generate a better picture of your business’ performance as well as to predict potential outcomes. Real time reporting and workflow checks are made more possible with its detailed and focused monitoring systems that facilitate smoother communications between manager and employee any time. Designed to complement labour hire company enterprises, Labour Hire app gives you the power to manage all your business needs easily with an emphasis on mobility.

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