Labour Hire App Makes Efficient Paperless Personnel Management Possible

Labour Hire App Makes Efficient Paperless Personnel Management Possible

Published on: 08-10-2013 | by Misty in labour hire app, labour hire software, mobile workforce

Keeping track of worker files can be a huge workload. This is true for existing labour hire systems of many companies, especially the ones that are still using huge filing cabinets and tons of paper for keeping personnel files. There’s a better way to do this that is not only time-conserving and cost-efficient, but also saves you valuable office space.

Labour Hire App for Seamless Document Management

Many human resource administrators face the responsibility of integrating individual worksheets detailing each of their worker’s job assignments. For those still using piles of paper for this task, it can be confusing and takes up so much of time in their working schedules. You can improve business productivity by utilising this labour hire software. It enables you to get rid of the paper and clear up your desk from clutter and gives you more time and an easy transition to work from one document to another.

With the Labour Hire app in your mobile device, you can monitor your mobile workforce right at your fingertips. The labour hire software gives you a level of flexibility that is never possible with the bulky, old-school paper filing system. Using your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone 8 device, just type in a file name or the name of the personnel and the search feature will do its job. This enables you to open up and process documents such as Job Order Forms and Log Books without too much hassle in your part. No more searching through thick wads of paper documents. You can also improve workflow by avoiding repetitive data entry and report forms using the Formitize labour hire app – it allows you to use its Standard Reports feature or utilise it to generate and build your reports for you.

Labour Hire Solutions with User-Friendly Personnel Database

Access to personnel files is controlled with this digital filing system, thus keeping your confidential business information safer than the traditional lock and key cabinet method of file storage. Formitize labour hire app also makes it easier to retrieve information from hundreds of documents of both active and inactive personnel. Generating personnel demographics could have been a really strenuous task otherwise if you have to sift through tons of paperwork! With this paperless method of storing personnel documents, workflow and information checks have never been easier.

Large scale businesses and small scale can benefit from Labour Hire app. It provides labour hire businesses a safer, time-saving, and cost-efficient method of record-keeping, data processing, and reporting. Discover how Formitize labour hire app makes efficient paperless personnel management possible. Take Our Tour today!

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