Labour Hire App Provides Recruitment Solutions for Businesses On-the-go

Labour Hire App Provides Recruitment Solutions for Businesses On-the-go

Published on: 17-09-2013 | by Misty in labour hire app, recruitment solutions, recruitment software, labour hire systems

Finding suitable and top-notch talents is now more challenging than ever for recruitment agencies that are dealing with highly aggressive competition in the job market. To hire the best candidates for your business, you will need tools that offer recruitment solutions targeted towards specific needs that allows for the integration of all recruitment tasks. Labour Hire app – the newly-released software from Formitize – is especially built for this and might be the one missing key to your business becoming more successful with your recruitment efforts.

Find the Right Person with Labour Hire App

It can be difficult to pair up the right person for a certain job position because your candidates offer a highly-diverse skill sets. But, with the right tools, you can minimise time and efforts spent at this stage of the recruitment process. Labour Hire App is a tool that the human resource professionals can use to gain instant access to hundreds of profiles with integrated features to make the search highly-focused and specific to a certain keyword for a placement need.

Formitize smart forms are designed to provide highly sought-after recruitment solutions as they make it easy for resource officers to integrate documents. These forms include Application Forms, Job Order Forms, Client Risk Evaluation, and so much more. Standardised versions are available for these forms that you can use anytime. You can customise reports to give you the flexibility to adjust the mobile forms according to your business needs.

Get Instant Access to Streamlined Recruitment Software

You can place all recruitment information in one database and manage it from there, thanks to Management Portal. This is a very useful feature for labour hire systems designed to store and track everything from one place. It allows managers instant access to all company documents –Word documents, spread sheets, photos, and standardised reports, all of these are securely stored in one safe place in the ‘cloud’ to ensure full compliance. Management Portal also enables recruitment professionals to dispatch jobs on-site with access to pre-filled forms, as well as perform real time monitoring and workflow checks. This allows you to do all these tasks in one place, saving you time and effort while doing your tasks. Proficient functionality is also ensured with its user-friendly and comprehensive reports module. Applicant safety is never compromised with built-in features of Site Assessment, Safety & Follow-up, Safety Incident Notification, Client Risk Evaluation, and Safety Communications.

Manage your workforce at your own convenience now with Formitize labour hire app. This recruitment solution is powered by the ‘cloud’ and compatible with mobile devices utilising Apple, Android, and Windows 8 Services. Labour Hire App continues to improve workflow, real time monitoring, and increasing workforce productivity of labour hire and recruitment businesses from over 80 industries worldwide. Discover a world of possibilities for your recruitment solutions needs. Why don’t you Take Our Tour now?

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