Labour Hire Software Integrates Safety Compliance Feature

Labour Hire Software Integrates Safety Compliance Feature

Published on: 22-10-2013 | by Adam in labour hire software, labour hire app, labour hire solutions

Do you have labour hire systems in place to protect your employees? Never take for granted your workers’ safety. You have a responsibility to look after the safety of its workforce by implementing labour hire systems to ensure that health and safety issues are promptly acted upon. Business owners are obligated to run labour hire software to guarantee that your workplace is safe and complies with the standards set by the authorities. Developers of the Labour Hire app, a newly-released, easy-to-use app especially built for labour hire and recruitment services worldwide, has integrated features built into the app to respond to this need.

Labour Hire Software Integrates Safety Features

The Formitize Labour Hire App has specially-designed, standardised forms that allow business managers to oversee health and safety compliance of its workers as efficiently as possible. Now you can accurately document inspection and risk assessment survey of the site with report forms such as Site Assessment, Safety and Follow-Up, Client Risk Evaluation, and Safety Communications, to name a few. Safety compliance and risk assessment methods are easier to do with this software as it enables you to monitor worker activities any time you want, wherever you are.

This labour hire software integrates this documentation system in all stages of the labour hire process. You can track workforce compliance through its Management Portal, which allows efficient storing and processing of all business information. Labour hire businesses can identify risks and formulate steps on how to respond and eliminate them through timely and efficient reporting made possible with the tracking feature of this labour hire software.

Labour Hire App Provides Customised Documentation and Reporting

Aside from standardised documentation and reporting forms, you can also provide visual documentation through the integrated camera feature in Labour Hire app. Full compliance is also promoted by allowing access to vital information such as Company Policies and Safe Work Method Statements and such through its highly customisable Resources e-Library. Indeed, companies can now have access to labour hire software that can provide labour hire solutions to address safety compliance needs in a comprehensive and cost-efficient manner. You can ensure that health and safety compliance measures are implemented effectively while being able to do other business tasks at hand. But not only that, this app lets you work even in remote areas where there is no internet connection, giving you a unique level of management and control that has never been possible before.

Take the opportunity to employ a labour hire solution that enables you reach full process compliance through real time monitoring, task integration, and seamless reporting. Cloud-powered and accessible across mobile devices with Apple, Android, and Windows operating systems, Formitize Labour Hire App allows you to reach the widest audience base with over 80 industries making use of its services worldwide.

Discover how integrating safety compliance feature in your labour hire software can improve the efficiency of existing business processes.

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