5 Reasons Why You Should Use Labour Hire Systems

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Labour Hire Systems

Published on: 15-10-2013 | by Misty in Labour Hire App, Labour Hire Systems, labour hire software, recruitment solutions, Labour Hire Solutions

Labour Hire App is a software especially built to provide business solutions for industrial labour hire and recruitment services worldwide. With clients from over 80 industries, it has already provided a huge positive impact to many labour hire and recruitment companies. What made them choose to use this app over others in the market? Here are 5 reasons:

1. Paperless Labour Hire Systems

At last! You can forget those mountain loads of paperwork done and those intimidating, huge filing cabinets. That method is already obsolete in this fast-paced world where you can reach people from halfway across the globe with just a click of your finger. This labour hire software allows you to access, process, and store all of your vital information in one big database easily and cost-effectively.

2. Standardised Report Forms

Accurate, reliable, and fast reporting has never been easier with the user-friendly Reports Module of Labour Hire App. You can perform your activities with ease and fluidity, with or without internet access through its highly customisable forms. Save time from doing redundant data entry and create reports using the pre-filled forms targeting highly specific duties such as Record of Tool Box Meeting, Site Assessment, Safety & Follow Up, Return to Work Plans, Job Order Forms, Client Risk Evaluation, Time Sheets, Log Books, and so much more.

3. Safe, State-of-the Art File Storage and Processing

With this labour hire software, you can save all your latest documentation, granting all users instant access, with the dedicated Resources E-Library. From company policies to the latest progress reports for the day, easy and instant access is guaranteed to any file (documents, photos, or reports) you will need. Management Portal also provides a secure environment to process information such as dispatching job tasks and notifications to workers already on-site.

4. Integration is the Key

Labour hire and recruitment professionals report greatly saving time, effort, as well as reduced workload because of the integration features present in this software. You can now implement labour hire systems and recruitment solutions all in one place using just one labour hire app right at your mobile devices. You can evaluate application forms, delegate job assignments, and perform on-site assessments, track progress reports, and read up on essential work documents (e.g. safety risk manuals and brochures) all in one place!

5. Labour Hire Solutions Right at Your Fingertips

With Labour Hire app, you can perform highly specific labour hire and recruitment processes right at your palm with your Smartphones and/or tablets. Harnessing the power of Cloud, this app can be used proficiently in your Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices wherever you are.

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