5 Things to Look for in Your Business Recruitment Software

5 Things to Look for in Your Business Recruitment Software

Published on: 24-09-2013 | by Laura in recruitment software, recruitment solutions, labour hire systems, labour hire software

In the labour hire industry, not all recruitment software products are able to deliver what they promise – efficient and focused labour hire and recruitment solutions. As a management and recruitment professional, what are the things that you usually consider when choosing a recruitment software product. How do you ensure that your labour hire software delivers what it promises, which is basically to provide a positive impact to your Labour Hire and Recruitment Company?

5 Things to Look for in Your Business Recruitment Software Are:

1. Application Database and Management

An effective labour hire and recruitment software should have an extensive database of application forms and requests. These forms should be designed to fulfil a standardised format and yet featuring a wide array of skill sets. Most importantly, these should be accessible and employ customisations to facilitate a smooth transition in the recruitment and hiring process.

2. Integrated Job Posting

A good recruitment app should have a feature that allows job postings to reach the largest audience possible, while at the same time being able to customise the postings according to specific business needs.

3. Workflow Integration and Communication Service

For companies that provide recruitment and labour hire solutions, task integration and availability of communication tools are the major tools for improving operations. To improve workflow, one must be able to communicate information smoothly towards other managers or employees with ease of access. Ideally, all information should be stored and accessible in one place. It should also feature standardised forms and templates that are easily customisable to fit every reporting need.

4. Reporting and Tracking Ability

Successful labour hire and recruitment solutions would not be made possible without reporting and tracking tools. These provide business managers and recruitment professionals the ability to strategise and formulate potential outcomes vital for their long-term business goals with the reports as baseline data. Also, clear and integrated reporting is a prerequisite for job and process compliance – a need for any business aiming for success.

5. User-Friendly and Compatible with Current Devices

For maximum chances for success in delivering solutions, usability and functionality is the key. A labour hire and recruitment app must be easy to use, one that doesn’t require extensive training for the user to navigate the platform successfully. It should also be available for use across as many platforms and devices as possible to foster collaboration among as many parties as possible.

All of these key components and more are present in a single labour hire and recruitment software: Labour Hire app. This app is fully-packed with all the features designed to respond to every labour hire and recruitment need – making it among the top choices of businesses from over 80 industries worldwide.

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