5 Things You Need to Build Efficient Labour Hire Solutions

5 Things You Need to Build Efficient Labour Hire Solutions

Published on: 29-10-2013 | by Misty in labour hire solutions, labour hire solution, labour hire software, labour hire systems, labour hire app, app for recruitments

In order to build a successful labour hire solution, it is vital to understand the needs of the labour hire industry. You need to pay close attention to the features that come with your labour hire solutions – whether it is in-house or provided by a proficient labour hire software developer.

5 Things You Need to Build Efficient Labour Hire Solutions Are:

1. Reporting Capability

In order to keep your operations running at the right track, labour hire companies basically need real time, accurate reporting capability. Excellent and sophisticated labour hire systems utilise app for recruitments that permits instant usability and generation of these reports. All business operations rely on information provided in these reports. As much as possible, creating and generating reports should be user-friendly and accessible to all users. It would also be useful to incorporate features such as standardised forms and customisation features in order to make reporting as seamless as possible.

2. Safety, Workplace Site Assessments, and Follow Ups

Labour hire companies are responsible for the people they deploy to host employers. Safety measures should always be addressed, and risk management frameworks should always be an indispensable part of labour hire systems. An efficient Labour Hire App should have features that allow managers to keep track of host employer working environments in order to identify risks and hazards in order to implement measures that minimise safety concerns.

3. Accurate Pairings of Job Orders and Applications

A feature that allows systematic and accurate pairing of a skills-set to a job description should be incorporated in your labour hire software. This is important to avoid giving the wrong tasks to the wrong person, which can compromise business processes. This could also result in the hazardous exposure of an under-qualified staff to unnecessary risk. Having this feature increases probability of worker competence for the job resulting to greater productivity and client satisfaction.

4. Regular Monitoring of Workplace and Worker Performance

Generating accurate performance metrics is one of the most sought-after labour hire solutions today. An effective reporting and tracking system, as well as open and seamless communication channels, is imperative for successful operations of labour hire companies. This enables business managers to identify workplace issues and take action regarding workplace issues as promptly as possible.

5. Safe and Secure Documentation and File Storage

Your labour hire solutions should provide access to essential documents to all users. Documents such as company policies and safe work method statements promote process compliance, while files such as the day-to-day reports are essential for transparency and strategising of business managers. The security of these storage environments should be well established in order to protect individual and corporate confidentiality. Proper documentation is an important aspect in any organisation; failure to do so might lead to fatal consequences such as being unable to defend yourself in case of lawsuits.

Remember, proper planning and execution is important if you want to achieve the best results from your labour hire solutions. Randomly throwing stuff in a pot and hoping for the best won't work.

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